• date: 15 Jan 2018
  • client: Young Family
  • Category: Bathrooms
  • value: £5000-£7000
  • location:
  • Bathroom Size:
    1.7m x 2m


This dated bathroom was ready for an overhaul and the family needed to incorporate some storage too.

Looking to make the most of the limited amount of space, we came up with some clever space saving tricks including minimising the boxing around the soil stack and insetting the mirrored cabinet into the studwork – providing extra storage without imposing on the room.

We used an 800mm wide bath which allows a more spacious showering area as well as creating the perfect size gap for the units.

The vanity and w/c units sit neatly in place adding storage and a sleek finish with the one-piece top.

To add some personality we used a feature tile and followed it through onto the bath panel as well as adding some plinth lighting.

See before, during and after photos showing the complete process.

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